MQTT Vault: JSON database controlled via MQTT

MQTT Vault logo

MQTT Vault is a simple JSON database that can be updated over MQTT. I made it so I could create software-defined IoT devices to link with my smart home setup. It is also the first real project I have attempted in Rust, which has been a great experience so far.

How It Works

Data is written by sending a valid JSON payload to a "set topic" such as mqtt_vault/set/data, which triggers a broadcast of the new value on a "get topic" such as mqtt_vault/get/data. A message can also be sent to the root "get topic" in order to re-send old information from the database. If MQTTv5 is enabled, a response topic can be used so only the requester gets the data. SSL certificates are supported for encrypted broker connections. More information on using the program can be found in the manual below.